Farah Hijjawi

About Farah

Farah is the cash queen at HASSAD, but you have to work hard to be ready to investment. 

Farah has a sound investments and banking skills and knowledge acquired over the last 6 years from her professional experience in the Investments and International Development fields.

Farah’s diverse background covers the private and the public financial sector in Jordan, where she worked at the Central Bank of Jordan and the Social Security Investment Fund, in addition to several firms and banks including Cairo Amman Bank and INVESTBANK.

Farah has BA in Finance and MSc in Development Finance from the University of Manchester, where she was granted a scholarship from the OPEC Fund for International Development to pursue her studies. She truly believes in the major role for every building block in the economic sector, and she always aspires to take a part in. On the development side, she worked with SPARK NGO in Jordan in grating scholarships to Syrian refugees & less fortunate Jordanians, and she also volunteered with several charities in the UK which aimed to provide relief and assistance to the Syrian Crisis.