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1st Cohort Portfolio

on 25.6.2020 we hosted our first live demo day, click here to watch the event


Established in 2019, Turtleponics provides an aquaponics solution that combines conventional aquaculture with hydroponics planting in a symbiotic environment, allowing its users to raise fish and other aquatic animals and grow plants without soil. Turtleponics tower is designed to be a freestanding tower that can be installed on any existing aquarium which distinguishes it from other aquaponics systems in the market.


A comparative gardening platform and marketplace that provides trusted landscape services, products, and accessories. Founded in 2019, TWIG set out itself to be a provider in integrated services and products in the gardening and landscaping sector, which empowers members of the working community in the agricultural sector such as gardeners, agriculture engineers, and garden designers to access the market.


Founded in 2018, Mushroom Box has encountered the setbacks of growing mushrooms in an everyday environment. Due to limited indoor spacing, lengthy-time periods from planting to harvesting, the limited agricultural experience of customers, and mushrooms requiring special environments, Mushroom Box decided to design a smart Mushroom incubator with a self-controlling environment. It is an automated growing system from A-Z in which mushrooms will be affordable due to the fact that the box can yield Mushrooms more than conventional planting methods throughout the year, with an application being made for monitoring and updates.


AgrioTec is a precision technology system that provides an effective solution for safe agricultural production, free of chemicals, focusing on greenhouse farmers. AgrioTec tackles the random consumption issue of agricultural resources by providing customized guidance and directions to farmers, in addition to a centralized monitoring system to increase their yield and decrease production costs. Its system adopts machine learning methods that support the farmer’s performance within the agricultural activities and will help increase the production of the crops and reduce costs.


Established in 2014, Green on is a hydroponics based green wall system that has a modular building units design which can be easily installed without requiring any tools. The system is used as a growing medium to cultivate the plants in the living wall which overcomes the shortcomings of vertically stacked soil while achieving healthier, sustainable, and longer-lasting plants. At Green on, customers can design and scale their own systems since they are easy to assemble and scale, and most importantly are cost-efficient.

Established in 2017, Radical Growth Solutions has encountered the problem of uneconomical irrigation methods and rising operational expenses, which led to farmers’ wasting their money and efforts. Irrigation is becoming a major pain point for farmers globally, as a result, a solution to overcome this problem is an irrigation automation system powered by Artificial Intelligence to ensure each tree gets precise amounts of water, only when needed, lowering operational cost, and enhancing product quality.


Established in 2019, Erwiha is a project concerning smart monitoring and control systems for farm irrigation. Smart irrigation is essential for regions around the world, which face water scarcity and power shortage. Erwiha’s wireless smart irrigation system reads the field soil moisture, humidity, and temperature sensors, and outputs appropriate actuation command signals to operate irrigation pumps, it also monitors the underground water level, which is essential to prevent the pump motors from burning due to the level in the water well.


Vermiland is a project specialized in the production of safe biofertilizers with soil-friendly properties and features through the usage of organic waste. Problems such as the increase of environmental pests and diseases, the decline of soil fertility over time, and the growth of organic hardly disposable waste. Vermiland develops an organic fertilizer produced by feeding organic wastes (animals & plants) to earthworms, which improves physical and soil properties and is rich in compounds and minerals.


Tabasheer is a platform for palm farm workforce management and dates B2B marketplace. Workforce management is provisioned through two main products, a SaaS task and workflow management solution with mobile and web interfaces, and the supply of trained and skilled workforce. The B2B marketplace offers the One Basket marketing service, as well as connecting farmers with dates’ buyers and farm suppliers.

2nd Cohort Portfolio

EFRESCO is a Global Virtual Market Place that support B2B Cross Border fresh produce trading. EFRESCO facilitate agribusiness and marketing services for fresh produce traders. EFRESCO support farmers to export and facilitate their trading services.

EFRESCO doesn’t only provide Virtual Market Place for Linking buyers and sellers. It provide a block-chain payment portal that secure the payments for all involved parties. . E-FRESCO Connect Farmers, Exporter, Importers, banks, shipping companies, Inspection companies and government in one block chain system. The Block-chain system help build trust among participants of fruits and vegetables trading world

IOTHYDRO an innovative Startup providing Water and environment wireless sensor platform to simplify remote monitoring water, soil, and climate quality using IoT Our solutions and products feature multiple sensors that measure the most relevant quality parameters 

The IOTHYDRO platform is a low cost, low power, and easily deployed, accurate solution, designed for use in farms, fields, sea, harsh environments, and hard to access socations to detect changes and potential risks in real time

We are Building a digital agri-supply chain for fruit and vegetables, efficient and of Zero-wastage, we are to increase the income of both farmers and retailers. That is, however, achieved through demand-based produce, where farmers Produce upon future demand of buyers such as supermarkets, restaurants, Retailers, and other large wholesalers. It enables better price realization For the farmer as well as more cash flow to the retailer—a win-win Situation for everyone.

We integrate both food produce and consumption with just-in-time Logistics and real-time transactions, which optimizes the huge Wastage of food within the supply chain, from farm to shop.


AquaBloom provides trusted, reliable, consistent & diversified supplies for the agricultural sector that include; soilless systems and complementary products essential for traditional and nontraditional farming, as well as creating awareness and educating its customers about the benefits of soilless agriculture and how to manage it that is novel to our culture. Aiming to become the first choice marketplace and reference for all agricultural equipment and products, a one-stop-shop that will serve clients from all over the region.


Bethra is a unique electronic application that provides integrated agricultural services that connect farmers and owners of nurseries and agricultural tools with customers, and this application includes services such as selling seedlings, seeds, agricultural supplies and providing agricultural services in all its forms.

This application works as a comprehensive agricultural store that facilitates supply and demand processes, saves time and effort for customers, and ensures high competitiveness among service providers.

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We are working in Al-Farthakh Company to develop a product that targets farmers, owners of arable lands and investment entities interested in the agricultural sector, to help them make agricultural decisions (the quality of appropriate crops) and financially (financial returns) more accurate and scientific methodology by employing artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning and geographic systems. To leverage the big data available on climate, biodiversity (global), land use and product prices.

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