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1st Cohort Portfolio

on 25.6.2020 we hosted our first live demo day, click here to watch the event


We’re creating a tower hydroponic systems with the equipment, tools, seeds, plants and fertilizers & training for Home farming lovers to ensure customers have a successful experience in order to be able to operate a Home Hydroponic system and get a clean food out of it in the easiest way.


We’re Creating a Gardening Website for Busy people with home gardens to Connect landscaping and gardening service providers with house gardens owners in order to Fast, easy, online purchasing and the ability to view the end result before implementing using VR/AR.


We’re developing self-controlled incubators with the optimum conditions for growing mushrooms Targeting Mushroom consumers to produce Mushrooms at home on a biweekly basis in order to Save time and money and have a trusted clean food – or enjoy fresh and healthy Mushroom produce.


We are Creating a Smart Farming System for Greenhouses to Automate and Manage its Operations in order to Efficiently and Automatically manage greenhouses using the IOT.




GreenOn Create Aquaponics & Hydroponics green walls for mid-High income families who live in big cities, Ex: New York to give the user the opportunity to build, design, and scale green walls as the whole system is made of building blocks in order to Produce Food At home in a good looking lego based green walls.

We’re Creating a Smart farming system for Low- and mid-income farmers to introduce affordable agricultural management & operations enabling tools in order to enhance crop quality & quantity, improve use of farm resources & equipment, real-time monitoring & automating irrigation systems transforming farms into smart spaces.


We Create A Digital Farming System connected with a mobile application for small Farms in rural areas to Automate simple Farms operation in order to Save Water, Time and effort.


We are Creating a Smart Earthworms Incubators for Farmers to produce organic fertilizer in order to get rid of chemical fertilizers and produce a healthy and safe food crops of high quality.


Tabasheer is a platform for palm farm workforce management, and dates B2B marketplace. Workforce management is provisioned through two main products, a SaaS task and workflow management solution with mobile and web interfaces, and the supply of trained and skilled workforce. The B2B marketplace offers the One Basket marketing service, as well as connecting farmers with dates buyers and farm suppliers.

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