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Validation develops value for startups, and supports their development journey …

Our Validation Partners

The innovation and validation partner will be assigned for each startup with a clear roadmap that ensures that the startup is equipped with the required resources needed to implement its solution, this will include pre scheduled field visits for the designated innovations labs and farms. Physical space for Startups will be available on request and in collaboration with our Innovation and Validation champions.


The Wadi Araba Development Company

Wadi Araba area is located in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with a total area around 2000 km2, bordered to the north by the Dead Sea area, the south by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, Eastward by Petra and Wadi Musa and international boarder from the West.

Wadi Araba area (under WADC Jurisdiction) has six population densities with a population density of 5 people / km2 and a population of only 9,500 (2015 Census). Although the region is located in three regions with rapid economic and investment growth, Wadi Araba is classified as one of the poverty pockets in the Kingdom.

Location: Wadi Araba District

Al Karama Farms

Al Karama Farm is a standard date palm plantation business that is based in the Jordan Valley. Although the initial intent was to start scaling out on a small scale by cultivating date palm on 100,000 square meters of land, the potential has increased now, and the business has grown to 250,000 square meters of land with more than 3,300 date trees.
Al Karama Farm is set to redefine how the plantation business works by using the most innovative and advanced plantation and irrigation methods and integrating sustainable business practices to ensure the quality of its dates.​

Farm Location: Dair Alla District  

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