Novel Farming Systems

What is Novel Farming

Novel Farming is the application of current technologies for the development of new agricultural techniques. A prime example is indoor and vertical farming, which uses LED lighting, sensors, and automation to effectively stack indoors on top of another. Novel farming is also the development of new technologies to develop new agricultural products such as Sustainable Proteins that cultivates meat products in a laboratory.

Examples for Startups working on Novel Farming Systems

Biome Makers has developed the first machine learning system integrating microbiome information and AgData. They use DNA Sequencing technologies and proprietary Intelligent Computing systems to explain, in detail, the impact of microorganisms in soil and how they affect different crops. Biome Makers provides actionable recommendations that allow customers to improve their agricultural production and quality.


Smallhold is the first, and only, organic mushroom farm in NYC. Smallhold’s technology allows their partner restaurants, grocery stores, and markets to grow mushrooms and leafy greens on-site seamlessly. Smallhold hopes to expand across the United States, bringing fresh produce to urban areas.

Verdical is an automated indoor gardening system allowing anyone to grow greens and herbs with the touch of a button. By using Verdical, restaurants can eliminate their supply chain and connect consumers directly to their ingredients for an enhanced experience. Verdical transforms indoor areas into artistic, life-sustaining spaces and enables urban areas to grow their own local food.

Back to the Roots is on a mission to reconnect people with food by helping them experience the magic of growing it themselves. Back to the Roots has developed indoor gardening kits such as their Water Garden, Mushroom Grow Kits, Hemp Starter Grow Kit, and more.

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