Mahsul is a mobile application that will help farmers promote their products and get the desired exposure without the need for direct communications by going all the way to the central markets or retail stores. Through a user friendly, easy to use the platform, Mahsul connects farmers with retail stores such as restaurants, hotels, and malls. Not only connecting them but also facilitating the process of selling their products by digitizing the whole supply chain of selling vegetables and fruits. Through gathering all the stakeholders of the supply chain in one place Mahsul reduces the marketing and selling cycle and makes it easier especially for farmers in the rural areas.

Noticing shopkeepers going to the central market at dawn hours and going longitudinal suffer in order to buy the goods produced, while at the same time farmers go through a long supply chain that reduces the value of their product gaining huge losses, Mahsul’s concept emerged with a solution of ease and comfort for all parties.

The team consisting of 3 members, gathered and used their various expertise to create Mahsul, with experience in fruit and vegetable sales, administrative work, and passion and willingness to make a change in the industry. 

Mahmoud Al Omari is responsible for all financial aspects of the company, with a financial educational background and experience being a financial manager for many companies for more than 15 years, Osama Quisy has an Avionics Diploma and serves as the development operations supervisor. Bilal Quisy is the sales operations supervisor, with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. 


The agriculture industry in Jordan has always been dominated by big farms and food trading companies, leaving small farmers with no choice but to sell at low prices or watching their products go to waste. After the COVID19 crisis, lockdowns, and social distancing that made it harder for farmers to reach markets and promote their products, Mahsul came in with its platform promoting e-commerce and solving the problem by connecting farmers with retailers, saving time and effort, and helping enable and empower small farmers.

Value Proposition

Mahsul is the first application in Jordan and MENA that works on digitizing the processes of buying and selling fruits and vegetables by introducing technology into the sector. Mahsul is facilitating the process of marketing products for small farmers by making it easier to reach more retailers and customers without the need for physical effort and bulky budgets. Mahsul guarantees high-quality products at fair prices for its customers, with delivery and after-sales services that will take into consideration customers’ feedback. The Company has programmed a special application for drivers that allows them to receive orders to be delivered to customers by using the map system

Expansion and Growth

Mahsul started operating in the Jordanian market with basic vegetables and fruits products and plans to expand to the Saudi market. Mahsul will cover more than 120 local and imported products and strives to enter the markets for selling dates and some imported and rare products.

Safety, health, and environmental matters

One of Mahsul’s core values is the safety and health of its end customers. Reducing the congestion in crowded places has become a priority post COVID19 pandemic, an issue that is avoided when using Mahsul app. The company also seeks to supervise, monitor, and prevent deals with farms that encounter illegal labor issues, and will motivate farmers to grow organic products. 

Awards & Media Recognition

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