Irrigation & Water Management


Agriculture accounts for the vast majority of the water use worldwide, a significant portion of which occurs in the form of irrigation. While this water use plays a vital role in producing food and other goods, there is also great potential to use less water while improving yields. Such efficiency measures can help ensure that enough food can be grown for all and that sufficient water is also available for other community, industrial, and ecosystem uses. Agricultural device technologies, such as drip irrigation, can significantly improve agricultural water use efficiency at the farm level, improve yields, and reduce chemical runoff. Modern technologies can also assist farmers in monitoring weather forecasts; gathering crop data; and measuring soil moisture, temperature, and water pH levels. In fact, growers can achieve great improvements in efficiency simply by changing the timing of their irrigation to coincide with low evaporation rates. By approaching this issue collectively, growers can help their peers understand the business case for efficiency, get access to the needed resources and technology that drive results on-the-ground, and unlock their knowledge of additional beneficial approaches.

Examples for Startups working on Irrigation solutions

Elentec  Mass amounts of effluent disposal in many parts of the globe bring attention to the question of water onsite reuse cycle in smart cities. Wastewater recycling and polishing removes all contaminants from residential sewage and industrial waters, includes primary, secondary or tertiary stages of purification, and returns water back in the system for groundwater restoring or onsite reuse in agriculture and industry. British Elentec facilitates the implementation of electro-coagulation (EC) in secondary wastewater treatment and tertiary polishing, which proves to produce less footprint, be more safe and stable, compared to traditional chemical reclamation. Its off-the-grid and modular reactors are mostly applied in the following industries: automotive, municipal sewage, aquaculture, mining, brewing, dairy, etc.


Hortau An industry leader in soil moisture monitoring, Hortau developed one of the first web-based irrigation systems on the market and continues to stand at the forefront of new technology.

Their proprietary wireless monitoring systems measure soil tension to determine the precise amount of water to apply to crops and transmit real-time data with their simple, cloud-based software.

Founded by an agronomist and an agricultural engineer – both with degrees in soil physics – the company understands what growers need and continues to share research findings with growers by holding regular irrigation management seminars to make sure farmers are getting the most out of water resources and maximizing crop outputs.



HydroPoint: A leader in smart irrigation systems, HydroPoint has become the first choice for property managers and landscape professionals.

The California company understands the importance of reducing water usage in a time where it’s no longer economically, legally, or socially sustainable to waste water through irrigation.



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