IOTHYDRO is a precision and smart farming solutions provider, offering complete reliable, and scalable IoT data-collection solutions for fields, farms, hydroponics, aquaponics, and greenhouses. IOTHYDRO combines smart wireless wide-range sensors hardware that measures the most relevant water, soil, climate, and environmental quality parameters; with actionable dashboard insights coming from real-time data. 

IOTHYDRO is supporting farmers and growers with an easy to use “plug and control” centralized monitoring solution, focusing on ensuring that the growing conditions are kept to a high standard, so they can significantly reduce water and fertilizers consumption, optimize performance, and increase production and profit by improving crop yields. IOTHYDRO provides solutions that include: Water Quality Kit, Climate Quality Kit, Soil Quality Kit, Irrigation Remote Control Kit,  in addition to  customized projects and consulting services, 


IOTHYDRO Team is composed of the two founders; Dhouha Boukadi and Wesam Faris who are computer engineers and have large experience in software development as full-stack developers, and agile project management. Dhouha Boukadi: is the CTO of the company, a female entrepreneur, with a master’s degree in computer science from ETS Montreal. Wesam Fares: is the CIO of the company, a Senior Project Manager, experienced Agile coach, Scrum Master, Change Manager, and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Jack Cohen, an Agriculture Advisor that is a key member of IOTHYDRO team, is a creative professional with 30 years of experience in business development and marketing in Agriculture and is also a Blockchain technology expert. 


Farmers have been using primitive and traditional ways of farming relying mostly on their own experience, knowledge, and judgment. Manual Sensing technology has made it possible for farmers to turn farming into a data-driven strategy but there remain disadvantages of time, great manpower requirements, and on-site testing as most of the operations are made manually using disposable sensors. A wire monitoring system can solve these problems but also has defects such as a complicated wiring installation, inflexible sensor installation, and difficult troubleshooting. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of sensors from different companies which makes it harder for farmers to choose the best devices and may end up not being compatible with each other. Also, most of the monitoring and control systems that offer Wi-Fi connectivity, have been limited by the poor coverage of cellular networks in rural areas. 

Value Proposition 

IOTHYDRO aims to create an environment that supports innovation and powers digital transformation in the agriculture industry. By implementing IOTHYDRO solution, farmers have the benefits of manpower reduction, labor effectiveness raising, reduction of resources waste, production enhancement, lowered operational costs, and more importantly, profit increase, which helps them keep up with the increasing demand. IOTHYDRO products enable farmers to deploy and scale-up their farm businesses easily and rapidly.

IOTHYDRO solution adapts to the needs of its customers whether those needs are short-term, medium-term, or long-term, and integrates monitoring processes supporting plant’s growth from incubation, planting, to harvesting. Unlike most solutions in the market that have complicated wiring installation, inflexible sensor installation, incompatibility, and difficult troubleshooting, IOTHYDRO solution is fully compatible and scalable, based on wireless devices that use solar-powered batteries, 100% wireless, and long-range wireless communication protocols (LORAWAN – LPWAN – Wi-Fi). Farmers are covered 24/7 and can remotely access the monitoring system to get insights about the data collected with an easy-to-use dashboard for data gathering and reporting features.

Expansion and Growth

By iterating and putting processes into place to iterate faster, IOTHYDRO will add more sensors and features to its portfolio targeting aquaponics and hydroponics systems. The company will also expand its traditional product offering to include remote IO smart control devices to control pumps, fans, and lighting, more specific kits to cover irrigation and water control automation, and ready solutions for specific crops like date palm trees, vineyards.

After penetrating the Jordanian market, the company plans to expand regionally to the Mena region, and then at a later stage, expand globally targeting Canada, the US, and Europe. Once the market is more aware of the system, IOTHYDRO will look for more sensor combinations to serve bigger customer base requirements. 

Safety, health, and environmental matters

While keeping assets within view and under complete control, our solutions will help farmers decrease water and nutrients usage which will contribute to reduce resource waste while increasing productivity, decrease energy consumption with solar-powered and built-in battery sensors nodes with a five years lifetime, and prevent and diagnose diseases at an early stage. IOTHYDRO solutions replace AC wire connection, reduce electrical hazards, Injuries, sunstrokes, and a number of hours of farm inspection rounds.

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