E-FRESCO, a global virtual marketplace founded in 2019. E-FRESCO has a platform that utilizes agribusiness and marketing services to facilitate cross-border trading by supporting and connecting several stakeholders such as; farmers, exporters, importers, banks, shipping companies, inspection companies, and government, in a one blockchain system. The platform enables global cross border trading and supports retailing. E-FRESCO  provides a fintech solution that reduces time and effort in order to help build trust among all stakeholders involved in trading fruits and vegetables. 

The company provides its services through flexible membership plans, with free registration and no time limitation for all types of business owners, enabling them to easily find customers, save budgets, optimize profits, and shift their operations to the platform from the generic market places. E-FRESCO is planning to shift the membership plans to commission-based as soon as the blockchain components are operating. 


The team consists of two brothers; Ammar AlShami, the founder, has a Master degree of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness with 20 years of experience in international marketing and business development, and Ahmad Alshami, co-founder and CTO, studied Computer Science and is certified PMP, audit, and AI, with 20 years of experience in managing large enterprises 

Value Proposition

E-FRESCO is the first international multi-vendor leading market for online fresh produce trading that enables cross-border exchange using fintech solutions specialized in the fresh produce industry worldwide. E-FRESCO’s international traders in the vegetables and fruits market can connect and establish their marketing network on local and global levels, as they can discover business and trade opportunities easily and safely, without jeopardizing their businesses to fraud or inability of the second party to commit to the business and trading terms. 

In addition, E-FRESCO allows users to process payments and shipments through the platform dashboard; by simply networking with all stakeholders involved in the cross-border transactions, minimizing time and effort, and building trust among global agribusiness players. The blockchain network supports exporter/importer payments and cross-border transactions which will replace the paper-based procedures in export credit such as letters of credit. This will provide a more effective and efficient process for cross border trading in fresh produce. 

Expansion & Growth

In the near future, E-FRESCO is looking to add new features to its platform such as “Traders Enabling Decision Making Tools” that will help platform users identify the best price, product, time, and destination to optimize exports or imports. The data will be collected in real-time, and the platform will analyze input prices to optimize decision making. Other features will include global retailing solutions, mobile applications, GPS location identifiers, supplier reviews, and savvy marketing solutions (e.g. an automated product posting to social media). E-FRESCOwill also opens three major international offices; one in North America, one in Spain to cover South American operations, and finally a middle eastern hub in Jordan and UAE. 

E-FRESCO &  Social Impact

The core of E-FRESCO operations is to provide a blockchain payment portal that secures all trading services for agribusiness players, ensuring trade safety and increasing trustworthiness on the platform, which provides clients with a pleasant stress-free experience, especially for first-time traders. Also, blockchain systems will provide a mechanism that will replace paper based documentation for all cross-border transactions in a way that is extremely hard to change or manipulate.

By facilitating the linkages between stakeholders in the supply chain, E-FRESCO will be able to secure a better life for farmers. Payments from traders to farmers, using blockchain technology,  will streamline the transaction process and secure access to new markets. The risk in international trade will be mitigated by E-FRESCO. Small farmers will be enabled to do  International trading safely with more trust, thanks to blockchain.  

Finally, E-FRESCO will support the quality of products traded by involving inspection companies. Inspection companies can conduct regular quality visits checks made before and after the shipping process to make sure effective results and quality compliances are being constantly maintained with the main focus of regularly providing healthy goods. 

Awards & Media Recognition

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