A project specialized in the production of safe biofertilizers with soil-friendly properties and features through the usage of organic waste. Problems such as; the increase of environmental pests and diseases, the decline of soil fertility over time, and the growth of organic hardly-disposable waste. Vermiland decided to develop an organic fertilizer produced by feeding organic wastes (animals & plants) to earthworms, which improves physical and soil properties and is rich in compounds and minerals.



A team consisting of 3 people; Mohsen Ahmed an Electronic Engineer, has over 10 years of experience in the field of agriculture and organic fertilizers, and 4 years of experience in the field of worm breeding. Adnan Al-Ghazzawi, a Mechanical Engineer, is a member of the American Welding Society (AWS) and the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT), has 4 years of experience in the field of vermicompost, and also is the owner of a workshop for manufacturing production lines and packaging in Oman. Lastly, Amal Hmaid, a Computer Engineer, has over 10 years of experience in the field of entrepreneurial projects and development. She won the King Abdullah Award for Excellence and Youth Innovation.


Value proposition 

At Vermiland, the aim is to help farmers produce healthy, safe and high quality food crops using compost as an alternative to chemical fertilizers, through decomposing organic waste on which the earthworm feeds. Vermiland targets farmers searching for organic fertilizers, planting organic crops, and supporting a healthy lifestyle, in addition to agricultural nurseries and home gardens. Vermiland believes that all individuals should have access to organic fertilizers to produce healthy and safe food, free of harmful chemical additives and pathogens.

Vermiland strives to produce the finest types of bio-organic fertilizers, liquid organic nutrients, growth boosters, and fight pests by organic and safe means. 

Founders embrace the phrase: “Together for a safe environment and a better life for our children.”


Expansion & Growth

Currently Vermiland depends on human labor, its next expansion plans include; installing specialized equipment and machinery in order to make the process automated which in terms will be more accurate, convenient, and time efficient. Also, upgrading its indoor laboratories allows them to do usability testing and experiments in their own facilities. In addition, geographical expansion is a primary goal for the company where intentions of covering the MENA region are considered. Vermiland’s vision is to penetrate more markets as the company grows to reach the fish and animals’ nutrients industry.


Worm’s Lifestyle

Vermiland takes good care of the worms it works with, hence giving them the perfect atmosphere, food, and environment in order to function thoroughly. In theory, worms’ population can double every three months when having all the required variables stable.


Media Recognition

  • Palestinian TV channels 

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