A comparative gardening platform which provides trusted landscape services, products, and accessories, was founded in 2019, TWIG set out itself to be a provider in integrated services and products in the gardening and landscaping sector, which empowers members of the working community in the agricultural sector such as; gardeners, agriculture engineers, and garden designers to access the market. 



A team consisting of 3 people; Mohammed Al Houmsi the founder, is also the co-founder of Healthy Choice. He worked as a business skill trainer and a sprint designer on human-centered design methodology to tackle challenges related to income for vulnerable households at (IRC). Mohammed is a marketing specialist and an innovation mentor within the social innovation incubator at Tech Tribes Organization and is responsible for the management of the company. Ayat Shahin the co-founder, has a Bachelor’s degree in Land and Environment Management and experience in customer service, graphic design, teaching and training. She is the communication officer, social media manager and graphic designer of the company. In addition, Ali Al Rawashdeh co-founder and operations officer, has a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape engineering and is a specialist in landscaping with experience in garden maintenance and design, also in training garden design programs. He has previously worked in wholesale and general trade.


Value Proposition 

TWIG’s idea came from the concerns of the welfare of people in the society we are living in. After thorough research TWIG team found a gap in the gardening industry as people either do not have the time to look after their gardens, or lack maintenance. TWIG provides a social platform offering two main services; periodic garden maintenance and garden landscaping. By using a mobile application linking service providers with service seekers (home gardens or farms owners). In addition, the application allows customers to monitor their gardens and fulfill their needs, send monthly reports and periodic advice to customers on the status of the process. Also, TWIG offers an online shop that sells agricultural products and garden supplies.

TWIG’s 3 circle model makes them distinguished. Their model is built on passion, which is found in Ali as he grew up in a farming environment and used to go farming with his grandfather since he was a child. Welfare improvement of the service providers and empowering skilled refugees finding jobs and tasks easily. Finally, needs fulfilment of people who are seeking someone to look after their gardens, acting as Human-Centered Entity. Moreover, TWIG’s fast service, good quality, and trusted service providers thanks to its rating system, all add-value to the company.

Their vision is having a plant by TWIG in every household in the world.


Expansion & Growth

In the near future, TWIG wants to expand and add more features to their platform. A feature that is new to the Arab world, is the immediate on -pot service. TWIG is planning to add Augmented Reality Technology to its platform by capturing the dimensions of the garden through Google Earth, facilitating the user experience to choose the appropriate design and modify it while calculating the cost on the ground automatically. Afterwards TWIG receives the order, an engineer goes with a group of farmers to implement the design that was ordered by the customer. 

TWIG is not only looking for local success, but also for regional exposure. TWIG is planning to expand its operations to the Gulf Countries where potential is high for such services, starting with Saudi Arabia market.


Safety and Health matters

Safety and health of both workers and clients is a top concern for TWIG as they require in each contract that workers must wear a mask and gloves in addition to other safety equipment while at work.



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Media Recognition

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