Established in 2019, Turtleponics provides an aquaponics solution that combines conventional aquaculture with hydroponics planting in a symbiotic environment, allowing its users to raise fish and other aquatic animals and grow plants without soil. Turtleponics tower is designed to be a freestand tower that can be installed on any existing aquarium which distinguishes it from other aquaponics systems in the market.



Mohammad Badran and Samer Saleh joined forces to establish this company. Mohammad, the owner of Turtle Green Tea Bar,  has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture with specialization in Nutrition and Food Technologies, and a Master’s degree in Business Management, he is responsible for the technical and business aspects. Samer, has a Diploma in Airframe and Powerplant Aircraft Engineering, and works with the Abu-Dhabi based CCC Underwater Engineering as ROV Pilot (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for underwater inspection and construction, he is responsible for the designing and manufacturing aspects.


Value Proposition

Since Jordan has a great number of apartments all over the country, and aquaponics systems are only used on the industrial level, Turtleponics purpose is to provide apartment owners who have limited space with a system that is environment friendly, yields fresh and organic food, does not require irrigation or fertilizers, and grows fast and conveniently. 

Market drivers such as climate change and global warming played a role in developing Turtleponics system which tackled these challenges. It also helps people become more aware over their food supply.


Expansion & Growth

After mastering its system to perfection, Turtleponics is planning on offering services for the fish, and then having their system packaged and ready to be sold in stores. In the future, Turtleponics aims to expand regionally and globally.


Safety, health, and environmental matters

Safety, health, and environmental issues are of top concern for Turtleponics. The product is environmentally responsible with low water and power usage. In addition, the product uses uPVC pipes which are certified safe for providing drinkable water and are used extensively for water distribution and transmission around the world. 



Turtleponics installed 3 hydroponic systems in 2 schools -Al Mashrek International School and American Community School as part of their curriculum to teach primary students about their responsibilities towards the environment and methods to reduce the ecological footprint.

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