Tabasheer, a platform where service and technology meet. Established in 2020, Tabsheer developed a platform that includes workforce management and business to business marketplace for Palm tree farms. Since untrained workers, random dates packaging, marketing difficulties, and complex export requirements have become challenges for farmers or farm owners, Tabasheer decided to step up and act accordingly.



A group consisting of 3 individuals; Ward Khadra, founder and CEO, has experience in fruits and vegetables sorting, packaging, and marketing through managing various fruits and vegetables companies specialized in purchasing, packaging, and supply to local hypermarkets, he is also the Managing Director of Patara which specializes in sourcing, marketing and exporting of Madjool Dates to local and international markets. Ziad Al-Masri, co-founder, is a marketing and business development professional with over 20 years of experience in design and implementation of mobile and internet products and services. He is also the co-founder and CMO of VARARI, a startups venture builder. Hani Thalji, co-founder, is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in innovation, telecom, technology, content and media sectors. He is co-founder and CEO of VARARI, co-founder and CCO of Beecell, a mobile content provider, CEO of Apprikot, a mobile application and software development company , and co-founder of Tomandora Productions, a creative production and animation house.


Value Proposition

Tabasheer provides farm management services through 2 main segments; a mobile application and web, offering workflow management services, automated task assignment, quality check and monitoring, detailed tasks per unit and tree using a QR coding system. Secondly, supplying workforce to farms based on client preference, offering annual management agreements, expert supervisors, planning for farms, and Palm tree phase services.

As for the marketplace, Tabasheer aims to provide consolidation for harvesting whether by marketing or private labeling within “one basket”. In addition to connecting farmers with buyers through packaging, delivery, and rating of farmers and products, Tabasheer connects its customers with a network of suppliers where they can rent farm equipment and buy agricultural supplies.

Tabasheer believes that there is high demand of Majdoul Dates where many local and global markets grow a high percentage of Palm trees, but at the same time, a gap in price between the harvest of Palm tree and its returns exists. As well as problems concerning labor where many are either careless or unprofessional. Thus, Tabasheer can see the potential of Palm trees as it is a massive industry beneficial for human beings. 


Expansion & Growth

Tabasheer plans on adding features such as IoT in farm management, in addition to the expansion to new agricultural verticals. As for expanding geographically, Tabasheer certainly plans on penetrating regional markets since growing Palm trees is very common in countries such as the Gulf and Egypt, with the hope of reaching global markets in the future.


Packaging Standards

Tabasheer is obliged to follow certain rules and requirements. For the packaging part, the company plans to partner with BRC Global Standards who are first in Jordan with all their packaging being “Made with Dignity”. For more general requirements, Tabasheer guarantees that all their workers are subject to labor law and shall receive their full rights. Regarding food safety, expiry date is printed on each package for customers to see before use.

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