Radical Growth Solutions

Established in 2017, Radical Growth Solutions has encountered the problem of uneconomical irrigation methods and rising operational expenses, which led to farmers’ wasting their money and efforts. Irrigation is becoming a major pain point for farmers globally, as a result, a solution to overcome this problem is an irrigation automation system powered by Artificial Intelligence to ensure each tree gets precise amounts of water, only when it needs it; lowering operational cost and enhancing product quality.



A team composed of 6 talented individuals; the backbone of the company, Maleeha Babar and Umme Habiba are the IoT Engineers with background and experience in embedded systems. Muhammed Haseeb, Cloud Engineer, has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Erishian Anwar, Chief Technology Officer, has a Master’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering and expertise in IoT with focus on startups concerned with smarthomes. Priya Ossana Smith, co-founder, is responsible for branding and marketing, and is the key member to major networking and connections. Lastly, Nabeel Yousef, founder and Chief Farmer, has experience in designing and web-development, with an agricultural background acquired from his family’s connections and history.


Value Proposition

At Radical Growth Solutions it is believed that farmers are the hardest working people on the planet, therefore, helping them to manage their day and resources a little smarter is the ultimate goal! The aim is to introduce affordable agricultural management and operations enabling tools, which will optimize farming; by enhancing crop quality and quantity, improving the use of farm resources and equipment, monitoring plants in real-time basis, and automating irrigation systems which leads to transforming farms into smart spaces. RGS smart IoT irrigation system is controlled by climate, soil, humidity and water sensors to ensure plants get equal amounts of water, only when they need it.

RGS’ mission is to save water, increase farmers yield, and reach an annual increase in farmer profit by using agritech.

RGS Vision is to start using satellite technology in order to have weather, land stewardship, climate and environmental monitoring.


Expansion & Growth

After launching the company in Pakistan, RGS is looking for regional expansion. Starting in Europe (Spain and Poland), all the way to the MENA region as a whole, and certainly, global expansion at a later stage. RGS plans on widening its tech base to include machine learning in order to master their Artificial Intelligence service provision. 


Safety, health, and environmental matters

Safety, health, and environmental issues are of top concerns to RGS. Both the node and the device have low frequency, and long range low radiation, in addition to having the device installed by semi-professionals who have experience in root formation and damage. Moreover, to ensure data security and privacy protection for customers, RGS will be complying GDPR Global Standards.

Do you want to contact RGS?

Please contact us on success@hassad.io to connect you directly with the startups. 

The founders are looking forward to further discussing with you their growth plans.