Mushroom Box

Founded in 2018, Mushroom Box has encountered the setbacks of growing mushrooms in an everyday environment. Due to limited indoors spacing, lengthy time periods from planting to harvesting, limited agricultural experience of customers, and mushrooms requiring special environments, Mushroom Box decided to design a smart Mushroom incubator with a self-controlling environment. It is an automated growing system from A-Z in which mushrooms will be affordable due to the fact that the box can yield Mushrooms more than conventional planting methods throughout the year, with an application being made for monitoring and updates.



A team of 5 well-driven individuals who thrive to achieve their goals; Suleiman Qandah, CEO and founder, has more than 6 years of experience in marketing, sales, and business development, also is a trainer in marketing, Entrepreneurship, and social media. Faris Al-Shamali, IoT and Automation, has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and also supports youth in Jordan to build their own businesses. Esraa’ Al-Katib, Product Developer, has a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, and has experience in CAD designing, computer-aided manufacturing, and project management. Malak Al-Shamali, IT Developer, and a Bachelor’s degree student in Computer Science. Amaney Kuleap, Mushroom Specialist, and a Master’s degree student in Agriculture and has experience in growing mushrooms.


Value Proposition

The fact that Mushrooms are highly demanded worldwide, and given that countries such as Ghana and Holland produce large quantities of Mushrooms with good quality, therefore, leading Jordan to export at a high cost. Mushroom Box’s intention is easing the lives of people, allowing them to harvest Mushrooms from the incubator within only 14 days, whereas conventional Mushroom harvesting takes up to 45 days. Also, the incubator contains an air and humidity control system, heat sensor, and LED lights providing Mushrooms with the best factors to grow well and healthy, in addition to a small screen for monitoring. 


Expansion & Growth

Mushroom Box initial strategy is to approach a Business to Business model, targeting customers such as hotels and restaurants. In the future, the company will be adopting a Business to Customer model as well to target individual clients through physical marketing channels such as supermarkets and online. In addition, a new type of Mushrooms will be taken into consideration. As for geographical expansion, Mushroom Box aims to expand at first regionally and then globally.


Safety, health, and environmental matters

Mushroom Box is considered to be an Agrifood type of company. Therefore, safety, health, and environment issues are of top concern to it. Mushroom Box uses Arcylic material which is best for storing food as it is light, impact resistant, and highly transparent.



  • Jusoor Small Business program 
  • Spark Bootcamp
  • Shamal Start (Zinc Hackathon)


Media Recognition

  • University of Jordan
  • Ro’ya TV

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