Green On

Established in 2014, Green on is a hydroponics based green wall system that has a modular building units design which can be easily installed without requiring any tools. The system is used as a growing medium to cultivate the plants in the living wall which overcomes the shortcomings of vertically stacked soil while achieving healthier, sustainable, and longer-lasting plants. At Green on, customers can design and scale their own systems since they are easy to assemble and scale, and most importantly are cost efficient. 



A team consisting of 3 people; Saeed Bawab, founder and product designer, has a background and experience in Architecture, Contracting and Sustainable Design. Saeed’s experience helped him enjoy craftsmanship and develop a passion for his fishkeeping hobby which evolved to become an aquaponics and hydroponics building block. Ahmad Fayiz, Co-founder and structural designer, is pursuing a Master’s degree in Structural Design with the aim of further developing Green On system. Jawdat Shammas, Advisor and Chief Marketing Officer, is the Social Media Guru who is responsible for the media exposure of the company. Jawdat has 20+ years of experience in marketing, social media, and websites and mobile applications projects.


Value Proposition 

Green On’s Saeed Bawab was inspired by nature when he came to the conviction that nature is the greatest design on Earth. At Green On, it is believed that green walls should be within everyone’s reach, by tackling problems such as limited spacing in homes, consumption of unhealthy conventional food, busy lifestyles, and expensive solutions, through designing a green wall that is affordable, customizable, multipurpose, scalable, aesthetical, and tools-free.  

Its main purpose is how to make the best out of nature, since it is a sustainable business at core, Green On helps in breathing healthier, eating healthier, and better-looking homes by removing technical boundaries and for the cheapest price possible.

Green On solutions can be acquired and benefited from all individuals, however Green On targets mainly DIYers, environmentalists, foodies, nature/organic food lovers, and vegan people.


Expansion & Growth

Green On is planning on expanding vertically by introducing new systems to the market on a regular basis, as well as horizontally through penetrating regional and global markets.


Safety, health, and environmental matters

Safety, health, and environmental issues are of top concern, therefore, Green On designed biomimicry models which produce materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes. In terms, Green On’s products and processes are considered to be sustainable, perform well, save energy, cut material cost, redefine and eliminate waste, heighten existing product categories, and define new product categories and industries. 

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