Established in 2019, Erwiha is a project concerning smart monitoring and control systems for farm irrigation. Smart irrigation is essential for regions around the world, which face water scarcity and power shortage. Erwiha’s wireless smart irrigation system reads the field soil moisture, humidity, and temperature sensors, and outputs appropriate actuation command signals to operate irrigation pumps, it also monitors the underground water level, which is essential to prevent the pump motors from burning due to the level in the water well.



A team consisting of 4 founders; Mohammad Sbahi, has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and experience in electronics. Ebtihaj Ba’ool, has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and experience in Marketing and designing websites. Adnan Sbahi, has a Bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering and is behind all the connections. Deya’a Alloush, has a Bachelor’s degree in Energy Engineering and experience in embedded systems, IoT technology, electronic circuit designs, and 3D designing and printing. As described by his team, he is the brain behind everything.


Value Proposition

Due to problems such as the loss of water and high cost and effort of traditional irrigation systems, in addition to the farm owner’s busy lifestyle, Erwiha’s smart irrigation systems can optimize water levels based on things such as soil moisture and weather predictions. This is done with wireless moisture sensors that communicate with the smart irrigation controls and help inform the system whether or not the landscape needs water.

Erwiha’s vision is to cover as many farms as possible in Jordan at first, reaching the entire world.


Expansion & Growth

After covering the Jordanian market, Erwiha plans on expanding regionally in the near future, and if all works accordingly, Erwiha certainly will be looking at global expansion.


Safety, Health, & Environmental issues

Safety, health, and environmental issues are of top concern for Erwiha. Therefore, Erwiha uses a very low voltage in its system which uses less energy, saves money, and is safer. In addition to making it a wireless system where it produces generally lower Radio Frequency signals than base stations, so no adverse human effects are expected from exposure to the signals.



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