BIOTECH: Genetics & Breeding

What is Biotech?

Biotechnology is the exploration and development of various biological processes to achieve mainly industrial and various other purposes cultivation of the plants, and improvements through breeding programs. The processes also employ artificial selection and hybridization which emphases its functionality. At present, the modern usage also includes genetic engineering as well as cell and tissue culture technologies.

In earlier days the biotechnology process was initiated by farmers who developed improved species of plants and animals by cross-fertilizing or cross-breeding. In recent years, biotechnology has expanded its core functionality widely which now focuses on sophistication, scope, and applicability.

Biotechnology is immensely contributing towards agriculture which enhances its functionality to the next level. Agriculture aspects have extremely changed with biotechnology functions and increase readability of the process.

What is Agriculture Biotechnology?

Agricultural Biotechnology is also known as Agritech. It is an area of agricultural science involving the use of scientific tools and techniques. There are several techniques used in agriculture biotechnology such as Genetic Engineering, Molecular Markers, Molecular Diagnostics, Vaccines, and tissue culture. And it also modifies the living organisms like Plants, Animals, and Microorganisms.

In recent times, Crop biotechnology has developed its functionality in agriculture and is also one of the main aspects of agriculture biotechnology. Its desired qualities are exported from a particular species of Crop to an entirely different species.

Examples for Startups working in Biotech Field?

Cibus: Our proprietary RTDS enable the direct creation of desired traits without integration of foreign material for nature identical, non-GMO crops. With the ability to select and precisely introduce multiple traits (“stacked”), we can choose from a portfolio of traits that meet the varying needs of farmers, processors, and customers.


Meiogenix is a biotech company developing breeding technologies to unlock the unexplored genetic diversity of organisms. Meiogenix expands the natural biodiversity and helps developing new products to address global food and industrial challenges.

At Calyxt, we’re doing what farmers and botanists have been doing for hundreds of years: choosing the best crops and breeding them to make stronger, more sustainable, higher-yielding plants. We accelerate that process with leading-edge TALEN® technology to enhance the unique characteristics that naturally exist in each plant, allowing us to develop healthier and more sustainable ingredients.


Phytowelt is an innovative biotechnology company. We develop your process, product or plant – for flavors & fragrances, active ingredients, raw materials and plant properties as well as plant ingredients. For these diverse industrial applications, we combine molecular biology with plant biotechnology. The benefits of biotechnological production (fermentation, biotransformation, biosynthesis) are cost savings, increased efficiency, resource savings and it is environmentally friendly.

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