People’s daily routines are keeping their attention from necessary things that make their lives easier and more interactive with their surrounding environment. AquaBloom provides trusted, reliable, consistent & diversified supplies for the agricultural sector that include; soilless systems and complementary products essential for traditional and nontraditional farming, as well as creating awareness and educating its customers about the benefits of soilless agriculture and how to manage it that is novel to our culture. Aiming to become the first choice marketplace and reference for all agricultural equipment and products, a one-stop-shop that will serve clients from all over the region, AquaBloom currently offers its products to agriculture hobbyists, farmers, entrepreneurs, households, private farm owners, and private business owners in Levant, GCC & MENA.

With people looking for the easiest ways to grow their own food with the least possible effort especially due to latest sudden changes in the world; households are turning to grow their own food in their backyards, balconies and they are most interested in readily available and healthy produce. Currently in Jordan and the Middle East, soilless farming is in its development/introductory stage where most people are practitioners, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, with few soilless and organic farms launched in the last 5 years, and no marketplace that offers all related supplies and equipment in one place. By providing systems and all needed supplies to grow, AquaBloom will make it easier for nonagricultural experts to grow their own food in any area available in their homes.


A small team of 3 team members; Saad Abu Odeh, General Manager of AquaBloom. He is an electrical engineer with MBA in Management, having a great passion for agriculture with more than 35 years of experience in managing startups, new businesses and a long history in international companies. Salah Jaradat, who is responsible for supply chain and operations of AquaBloom. Salah is an Industrial Engineer with a master’s degree in supply chain management and a diploma in Aquaponics, with over 15 years of experience in operations, supply chain management, and agriculture. Dafi Jaradat, who is in charge of the marketing, Business Development, planning, project management, and product building of the business idea who has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and an MBA in marketing. Dafi has 13 years of experience in marketing, Business Development, project planning, business analysis, and over 15 years of experience in different agricultural aspects.


Value Proposition

AquaBloom is the first one-stop-shop marketplace in Jordan to provide soil-less farming systems by supplying solutions that enrich people’s lives and benefit the community and the environment. The company offers several products and services starting from its e-commerce platform that provides a range of soil-less products and complementary products for traditional and non-traditional farming in one place, ensures high reliability and security, allows users to have an easy and interactive experience, and is backed by fast delivery options for more convenience. The range of soil-less systems provided by AquaBloom are creatively-designed energy-efficient portable systems that require minimal care and save up to 90% of water. With no chemicals and fertilizers, the systems allow maximum production and yields all year-round even for agricultural products that do not grow in the region and are either unavailable or are extremely expensive imports. In addition, the platform offers complimentary organic and environmentally- friendly products and equipment that allow users to access DIY systems. Finally, AquaBloom will make its offering available in country thus avoiding its customers tedious and expensive shipping and clearing arrangements.

Expansion and Growth

As part of AquaBloom’s growth and expansion strategy, the company will work on introducing additional soil-less products (Aquaponics, Hydroponics, and Aeroponics) to a wider base of clients to include both traditional and nontraditional farming.

In addition, AquaBloom wants to penetrate new markets covering the MENA region such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. AquaBloom also aims to establish regional training centers for aquaponics and soilless agriculture, to educate people on DIY systems, fish health, crops health, and marketing strategies on how they can market their own products on the platform.

Safety, health, and environmental matters

AquaBloom will be providing systems that need minimal interaction with no hazardous usage of the system components. The company aims to offer sustainable, recycled, FDA approved systems that help maintain a better and healthier life practice for its customers.

Awards & Media Recognition

  • Hydroponics in the Challenge of Climate Change
  • A Jordanian experiment in using aquarium waste as an organic fertilizer
  • Aquaponics in Jordan

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