HASSAD aims to build a supportive and stimulating environment that captures distinctive Agritech and Foodtech startups aiming to create companies capable of growing and enhancing the development of the Jordanian economy and improve the food production and security.

HASSAD is looking for SMEs, startups and projects who have:

  • Creative and innovative solution that aims for profit and/or social impact related to the Agritech and Foodtech fields
  • A team of two or more founders
  • Current residents of Jordan, or welling to have an implementation in Jordan
  • Priority to solutions that target regional and international markets
  • Priority to teams that have a validated solution (have a working prototype and/or customer/user base)
  • No official registration is required at the application stage
  • Be committed to the program and its workshops and activities
  • Willing to give up to 7% equity to HASSAD

HASSAD offers the following values:

  • Customized business acceleration program that aim to build an innovative business model
  •  Support on building the plan for Marketing, Finance, Production, Resources management, etc.
  •  Access to mentorship network that builds a supportive environment around the Startups
  •  Enable the startups to validate their Solution on the ground with the help of our validation champions
  •  Access to buyers and investors from Jordan and the World welling to invest in the Startups
  • Access to markets throughout our partners networks in GCC, North Africa and USA
  • The program is provided through online communication platforms and does not require physical attendance
  • HASSAD does not offer any kind of funding during the acceleration program

A committee will select no less than 40 projects to join the virtual validation Bootcamp that will be held in late January 2021.
Then the committee will select the best 15 projects to join the business acceleration program, which will be held for 16 weeks starting from February

If you know that you are eligible to apply,
please fill the form and we will send you the Application form by email.

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