AgroGIS is a farm management system that serves as the core of managing and handling the resources and activities of farms. AgroGIS develops a product that targets farmers, owners of arable lands, and investment entities interested in the agricultural sector. The intelligent software analysis for pest and disease prediction, soil management, and other analytical tasks will help stakeholders make more accurate and scientifically accomplished agricultural and financial decisions. These decisions include appropriate crop quality, financial returns, and plantation feasibility. The company has two categories of products:

Agro Predict: a granted crop selection, that reduces costs and risk exposures

Agro Finance, a system that predicts and calculates all ongoing financial matters


A team composed of 4 founders; Khaled Otoum, Sufian Ahmad, Hamza Eise, Bahaa Okaiyli. Sufian is a long time developer and a professional data scientist with an experience of 15 years in the field. Khaled is an MBA graduate who has already built with Sufian a working product that is currently in the medical field markets. Hamza is a senior developer with a long track record of projects as he carries an educational degree in the field of computer science. And finally, Baha is a field expert in agriculture, holding a PHD in animal physiology and reproductive physiology from New Mexico State University.


Although Jordan’s cultivated land accounts for a fraction of the country’s area, there are plenty of unutilized lands or lands that have not been explored effectively. Jordan does not only suffer from the lack of arable areas, but also the lack of water resources, direct agricultural investments, and global climate changes. Most of those challenges are due to the lack of knowledge on how to use farm management systems that provide insights and information, as well as the lack of a national agricultural database caused by the deficiency in the infrastructure of the agricultural sector.

AgroGIS aims to make a change by increasing the efficiency of the current systems, by helping the regulators to make better decisions, and develop national policies to align with the international markets. 

Value Proposition

AgroGIS farm management systems are equipped with new sophisticated AI and ML technologies that will help in financial calculations and predictions that support DMS with accurate analytics and statistics on the market. The technology also encounters a risk management tool that identifies and evaluates potential risks in advance by taking precautionary steps regarding depreciating exposures in order to maximize opportunities and outcomes. All this will contribute to providing granted crop selection, reducing costs, minimizing risk exposures, and Increasing ROI performance. Additionally, the differentiation of AgroGIS products emerges by embracing the latest, effective, and sophisticated technology against global SaaS apps in the market.

Expansion and Growth

AgroGIS is planning to integrate the system with a customer coop crowdfunding outlet to incentivize the farmers to use the system and grow the market. It also plans on integrating its product with other products that can increase the system’s coverage and efficiency such as IoT systems. Following the validation of the system’s efficiency, AgroGIS aims to target NGOs and governments to fund the system and secure partners who will promote the adoption of the system.

Safety, health, and environmental matters

Health and safety are one of the main concerns of AgroGIS, achieved through reducing waste in the agricultural process which has a proven effect on the environment, and by supporting farmers’ security and stability which contributes to the protection of the land and the environment. Also, monitoring problems related to the workforce is always the first step towards solving them, therefore AgroGIS products provide more safety to the workers by predicting problems before they occur. AgroGIS products also enhance the production process and will evidently boost the quality of the product which can be carried out by controlling the quality of the pans and crops, along with the prediction system, resulting in maintained finest farms together with the most ideal quality of astounding products.  

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